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“The ceremony of Entering company" in 4 th year of Reiwa

We held the ceremony of entering company in this 4 th year of Reiwa.

8 employees were presented with a letter of appointment by the chairman Mr.Kaneko.

They are a new graduate, full-time employee from part-time in this April, and 4 Filipinos as ”Specified Skilled Worker”.

Usually we have this ceremony in the 1th of April, but in this year we had it in 26 th of the same month , because we considered their conditions which are itinerary of arrival Japan from Philippines, preparatory period for their work and a few days to get used to working.






We held it using on-line same as last year.

Main venue is Higashimatsuyama-Home. Kumagaya-Home( Care home & Special nursing home for the elderly) and “Smile Service Co.Ltd” joined on-line.

“Smile Service Co.Ltd” is registered Support Organization, continue to support us in addition to arrange for “Specified Skilled Worker”.

The chairman Mr.Kaneko said “If there is anything you don’t understand, please ask co-worker without hesitating. Get used to work soon and work seriously together.” In his speech.






In Kumagaya Care Home, elderly people made a National flag of Philippine by chigiri-e(collage of ripped pieces of colored paper) and decorated it on the wall.

Staff attended the ceremony on the mask with National flag of Philippine.

Also in Kumagaya special nursing Home, elderly people made it by nuri-e(coloring).

Even more sub head Miss Yazawa presented them their portrait.( It looks exactly the same!)

It gets good reviews just the same last time portrait “Atsumi Jiro”.(The article in 20 th December 2019).

They must be pleased.

The ceremony was held with relaxed and warm welcome mood.

New 8 employees,”Elderly people first! We work seriously together.”

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